Silly, Sad Chamber Pop from Portland, OR

New EP, Light-years to the Next Star, is now available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud

It’s a collection of 5 chamber pop songs recorded over the past month in my bedroom. The title comes from the first line of the 2nd song, “Oort Cloud,” which is all about being an icy planetesimal in the remote void of outer space, which may or may not feel relatable at this time.

The music video we made for “Beaverton TC” back in the summer of 2019 is now available to watch online and it makes me yearn for more carefree frolicking in public spaces! Huge thanks to Matt Kane, Jacob Anderson, Joanie Lunsford, Linn Davis, Dave Carrico, Michael Wilding, Christie Welsh, Irene Doukas Behrman, Erika Garlock, David Percy, Opal Percy, and Amy Rougeux Baxter for their sparkling performances and to Eric Klein for his amazing cinematography and editing!

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