Album and Hiatus

Hi millions of people who will inevitably read this exceedingly important blog,

As we teeter upon the precipice at the edge of 2008, staring into the unknown but beautiful chasm of 2009, I would like to let you know about the current and future plans of myself and the Poppin’ Fresh Love Engines. We will be working on recording our first legitimate album this coming month, tentatively named Praise and Supplication to the Benevolent Space Robots or Brevity is Not Necessarily the Soul of Wit. The actual release date is currently unknown and will primarily hinge upon the discovery of a box of money, or the emergence of a benefactor with questionable taste in art and music.

Around mid-February, I will be leaving town but shall return by the end of May. We are hoping to play a live public show before my departure. I will hopefully be playing some shows in New Orleans in these coming months, and the entire band will emerge from the depths of hiatus this summer to provide live entertainment to the people of Portland, and perhaps other Pacific cities.

-Dr. S

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