New EP/Sounds Illustrated/Cat/All I Feel Is Yes

Hi folks!

I have multiple exciting updates at this time:

I’m excited to announce that I’ve  been working on recording a new 5-song Dr. Something EP which  I’m hoping to release sometime this coming summer or fall.

I’ve also recently revived my “Sounds Illustrated” project, creating hand-drawn sketches of  live performances by primarily local Portland bands/artists. It was an endeavor I first embarked on  back in 2010 for the music blog Crappy Indie Music, and which I’ve recently revived as a way to motivate myself to both see more live music and take up  drawing regularly again. It’s proven to be successful on both those counts and I’ve also found drawing is a great way to curb my anxiety in crowds without drinking. It’s also a good  way to promote Portland’s ever vibrant music scene. You can find all of these drawings on my site under the “Sounds Illustrated” heading. They can also be found on  my various social media. I hope you enjoy them and that they encourage you to explore Portland’s live music scene as well.

My friend Pokey, a.k.a. Eric Lindstrom, recently completed a beautiful and moving short film called Cat. The soundtrack, comprised of Pokey’s original music, is now available on Bandcamp. I played piano and recorder on some of the songs and current and former Dr. Something collaborators Matt Batchelder, Amy Baxter, Erika Garlock, David Percy, Christie Welsh and Sean Welsh are also featured on the soundtrack among other talented musicians.

Finally, the band All I Feel Is Yes, in which I play keys and Dr. Something members Mike Chastain and Jacob Anderson play drums and bass, respectively, has some  big projects in the works. We’ll be releasing a live album on Friday, June 10th and we’re also in the process of recording a studio album. We’re excited to share this  new music! Mike has also been sending out a monthly newsletter including updates, video and free music downloads from our weekly improv sessions. You can sign up for it by clicking here.

As always, thanks for listening!