A New Halloween Track and More!

Howdy friends!

I’m pleased to let you know that I’ve released a spooky song about Count Dracula to get everyone in the Halloween holiday spirit! Check it out below.

“Here Comes Count Dracula” is also being used as the theme song for a  new podcast called  What, Like it’s Hard? which is all about the creative process and collaboration . More specifically, it’s about three witty and analytical friends  writing a horror movie screenplay together and taking a bunch of listeners on the ride!

In other news, The latest Dr. Something EP, Rustic Machinery, has been getting some really nice reviews. Here are some quotes and links:

“[A]n indie bedroom/garage recording project that has the bombast and sentimentality of musical theater, but also the deliberate lyrical strangeness and unsettling vibe of art rock.” – Matthew Perpetua on Fluxblog

“The inventiveness of the composition and arrangements delights on every track.” – Matt Dinaro on  Rock and Roll Portland

“Undeniably creative, turning life and relationship lemons into delicious Lemon Drop sweetness with imagery and careful lyrics. ” – Kelly Jones on  Portland Notes

As always, thanks for listening and happy October!