Silly-Sad Chamber Pop from Portland, OR

Videos from the Album Release Show

My friend Jason Ferris was kind enough to record some video at the album release show at The Waypost on 1/3/15. Here are some of his recordings. Also, don’t forget to catch me at The Waypost tomorrow (2/14, aka Valentine’s Day), accompanied by Mike Chastain on drums. I will be sharing the stage with Nikki ‘N’ The Pathos and Bedroom Microphone.

“Marvin Cone”

“Not Amused”

“Foster Nitez”

Spirit Duplicator performing “Edge Detector”

Cassettes at Music Millennium

On the shelf now at Music Millennium:


Release Show & Cassettes

Thanks to all who came out to the cassette release show last weekend at The Waypost!  And special thanks to Bri Pruett, Jacob Anderson (a.k.a. Spirit Duplicator), Mike Chastain, The Puppettes (Amy Baxter, Erika Garlock and Christie Welsh), and The Waypost for making it all possible!

My friend Jason Ferris also made some very nice video recordings of the show.  I’ll be posting some of them soon.

Also, if you would like to buy a copy Puppies Are Nature’s Rainbows while also supporting some of Portland’s finest record stores, you can now get it at Beacon Sound (3636 N Mississippi) and Mississippi Records (5202 N Albina), and it will be available soon at Music Millennium (3158 E Burnside).


The New Album Is Here!

I’m happy to announce that my new album, Puppies Are Nature’s Rainbows, is now available digitally on Bandcamp, and I’ve been hard at work dubbing tapes and making covers and labels for the cassette release and show on January 3rd.

Album Release Details

The new Dr. Something solo album Puppies Are Nature’s Rainbows will be released on December 2nd on Bandcamp!  There will also be a CD release show at The Waypost on January 3rd with Spirit Duplicator and comedian Bri Pruett.  This show will also be the official release of the Puppies Are Nature’s Rainbows cassette tape, and Spirit Duplicator will also be unveiling a new cassette at the show.  Don’t miss it!

New Dr. Something Solo Album Coming Soon! Very Soon!

I’m happy to say that I’ve finished recording and mixing the new Dr. Something solo album Puppies Are Nature’s Rainbows, and it will be released very soon!  Stay tuned for the release date and info about an album release show coming up in the next month or two.

Beaverton TC MAXi Single Available for Download, To Be Released on Cassette Soon!

Hi groovy folks! Just wanted to let you know that my solo “MAXi” single about everyone’s favorite transit center, Beaverton TC, is available for streaming and name-your-own-price download here: Beaverton TC MAXi Single.

In addition, this recording will be released in cassette format at my May 15th show with Spirit Duplicator at Mississippi Pizza. The cassettes will be free for anyone who signs up for the Dr. Something email list (I send out an email to the list about once a month with updates on upcoming live shows and other band or solo music news).

In addition to this, Spirit Duplicator and I will be delivering a very special musical and theatrical performance about villainy and suburban mass transit, and word has it Spirit Duplicator is working on a cassette release of his own!

Full show details:

Saturday, May 15th
Mississippi Pizza
3552 N Mississippi Ave.
All Ages

Dr. Something & the Pipin’ Hot Love Engines on Facebook

We’ve given into peer pressure! We’re on the book of faces: Come be our cyber-fan!

Next Show: Live Recording at the Banana Stand

Thanks so much to all who came to see us and Activity Universal Associates this past Saturday! We had a great time playing tunes in our new quintet incarnation and celebrating Oregon history.

And luckily for those who couldn’t make it, or who still want more, we have a show coming up at the end of the month. We’ll be playing at the banana stand on Saturday Feb. 27th at 9PM with Constantina. The show is free and will also be recorded live!

Because this is a house show, I won’t list the address here, but if you’re interest in attending, you can email me at for the location. Hope to see you there!

And until then, here’s a video of “Pestilence” from our last show, courtesy of Richard Osterman:

Debuting Our New Drummer this Sat!

This Saturday evening we’ll be playing our first full band show in a while at Alberta Street Pub. This will be our first show with our new drummer, Sean, and it will also feature some new songs, new arrangements, even some new choreography! There’s gonna be some rad lap steel in the mix as well!