Silly-Sad Chamber Pop from Portland, OR

Dr. Something

Contact: Alison Dennis

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Dr. Something Full Band June 2018

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“[A]n indie bedroom/garage recording project that has the bombast and sentimentality of musical theater, but also the deliberate lyrical strangeness and unsettling vibe of art rock.” – Matthew Perpetua on Fluxblog

“Alison Dennis manages to make keys, clarinet, drums and vocals sound like a raucous orchestra in full swagger. Her theatrical bent and mastery of the counterpoint prove both innovative and playful and really, really shouldn’t be glossed over.” – Jacob An Kittenplan on Cassette Gods

“Atmospheric in every sense of the word, Dr. Something’s minimalist chamber folk pop takes on strange artistic sensibilities with aural novelty mixed with a slight cat-crazy Tumblr aesthetic.” – The Deli Portland

“The inventiveness of the composition and arrangements delights on every track.” – Matt Dinaro of Rock and Roll Portland

“Undeniably creative, turning life and relationship lemons into delicious Lemon Drop sweetness with imagery and careful lyrics. ” – Kelly Jones of Portland Notes


Dr. Something’s music is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.


Dr. Something is the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alison Dennis, who has been recording and performing music in Portland for over a decade. She utilizes piano, synth, woodwinds and guitar to create engagingly melodic chamber pop that blurs the line between comedy and earnestness. Filling out the band’s sound are dynamic drummer Michael Wilding, intrepid bass guitarist Jacob Anderson and, on special occasions, the back-up singing, go-go dancing sensations Amy Baxter, Erika Garlock and Christie Welsh. Alison, Michael and Jacob also play in the psych rock band All I Feel Is Yes. RIYL: Nellie McKay, John Grant, Belle & Sebastian, The Zombies

Holladay Park 2

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Dr. Something’s new single “Beaverton TC” will be premiering Friday, September 7th on Portland’s XRAY FM, on Ross Beach’s show Alive with Pleasure, airing from 2-4PM.  It will be available digitally after 6PM on September 7th on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and the official single release party featuring the full 6 piece band will be on Thursday, September 13, 9PM at Kelly’s Olympian. The release show will also feature the smooth vocals and synth sounds of Jeni Wren and the entrancing psychedelia of Motorcoat.

“Beaverton TC” is part of an upcoming collection of songs about Portland-area transit centers entitled The Transit Suite.  While obviously about the Beaverton Transit Center, it is also about the juxtaposition of suburban banality and the small, increasingly rare joy derived from a public space where people from very different walks of life might encounter each other.  The melody is alternately cheerful and melancholic as the lyrics range from silly observations of train smells and big box stores to more existential longings for home and connection. Scope out the single artwork below!

Beaverton TC Single Art

Artwork by Alison Dennis. Click to Embiggen.