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Hi millions of people who will inevitably read this exceedingly important blog,

As we teeter upon the precipice at the edge of 2008, staring into the unknown but beautiful chasm of 2009, I would like to let you know about the current and future plans of myself and the Poppin’ Fresh Love Engines. We will be working on recording our first legitimate album this coming month, tentatively named Praise and Supplication to the Benevolent Space Robots or Brevity is Not Necessarily the Soul of Wit. The actual release date is currently unknown and will primarily hinge upon the discovery of a box of money, or the emergence of a benefactor with questionable taste in art and music.

Around mid-February, I will be leaving town but shall return by the end of May. We are hoping to play a live public show before my departure. I will hopefully be playing some shows in New Orleans in these coming months, and the entire band will emerge from the depths of hiatus this summer to provide live entertainment to the people of Portland, and perhaps other Pacific cities.

-Dr. S

We’re honored and excited to be featured in this week’s episode of the Portland Noise Video Podcast. Portland Noise is a recent offshoot of the San Francisco local music site Pacific Noise, and it features performances and interviews with local Portland bands.

The latest episode features clips and an interview filmed at our latest show, “An Evening of Mad Science,” performed at Rererato Artspace.

We’d like to thank Jim and Mark from the Musiquarium for filming us.

DR. SOMETHING & THE POPPIN FRESH LOVE ENGINES on Portland Noise Jun 02 2008 from Bongloard on Vimeo.

On Friday May 30th at 7 PM, Rererato Artspace will play host to AN EVENING OF MAD SCIENCE!

The event will feature:

*Performances by us, Spirit Duplicator and Les Flaneurs

*A dramatic tale involving a mad scientist, a Skinnerian behaviorist and a candy store owner with dreams of rock super-stardom

*A chance to win fabulous prizes obtained from Portland’s finest garage sales in a game show hosted by the charasmatic and talented Paul Silveria.

Don’t miss this magical evening!

Greetings Planet Earth,

We are Dr. Something and the Poppin’ Fresh Love Engines, a four-piece acoustic pop ensemble from Portland, OR. You may find a couple mp3s in the music section of this site and streaming audio at We are in the initial planning stages of putting together an official recorded release, so hold tight!

If you would like to see us live, our next scheduled performances are:

  • Wednesday May 14th, 12:00 PM – PSU Park Blocks (SW Park and Market)
  • Friday May 30th, 7:00 PM – Rererato (5135 NE 42nd Ave.)
  • Saturday June 21st, 6:00 PM – Mississippi Pizza (3552 N. Mississippi Ave.) with Audie Darling

Here’s what some folks have been saying about us:

“Wacky bands singing folky sea chanties about robot doppelgängers are sort of odd, but they’re bunches more fun than the stodgy folk traditionalists who take their genre too seriously. Dr. Something & the Poppin’ Fresh Love Engines, a quartet that includes both mandolin and accordion, aren’t interested in how the music should be played—they’re playing it to have fun.” – Jim Sandberg, Willamette Week

“Best voice in Portland!” – John Barrios, founder of the Love Harder record label

“I cried while we were recording. …I thought [“Escapist Artists”] was such a beautiful song.” – Jim Mulhearn, Producer/Engineer at Trash Factory Recording Studio in an interview on KBOO Radio.