Silly-Sad Chamber Pop from Portland, OR

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I’ve been making a lot of felt crafts as well as other visual art and household items with bright colors and often humorous designs lately. You can find it all on my Etsy shop at !

Sounds Illustrated:

Sounds Illustrated is a series of sketches I’ve drawn of local performers. It’s an attempt to both document Portland’s vibrant music scene and capture the energy of live performance. You can find a complete collection of these live sketches and links to streaming and purchase-able music here.

You can now also find my sketches along with live show reviews on the local music blog Portland Notes.

Note to bands: feel free to use drawings on your websites and social media. I just ask that you cite me (Alison Dennis) and, preferably, provide a link a link to my site.

5-19-17 Haley Heynderickx - Beacon Sound
Haley Heynderickx performing at Beacon Sound on May 19th, 2017
7-23-17 Cool American at Rontom's
Cool American performing at Rontom’s on 7/23/17
5-27-17 Avalanche Lily - Valentines
Avalanche Lily performing at Valentines on 5/27/17
5-19-17 Vikesh Kapoor - Beacon Sound
Vikesh Kapoor performing at Beacon Sound on 5/19/17
4-1-17 Gentle Bender - Bare Bones
Gentle Bender performing at The Bare Bones Bar on 4/1/2017
3-25-17 Johanna Kunin - Laurelthirst
Johanna Kunin performing at The Laurelthirst on 3/25/2017
3-17-17 The Variants - The Firkin
The Variants performing at The Firkin Tavern on 3/17/2017
3-10-17 Wave Action - Miss Studios
Wave Action performing at Mississippi Studios on 3/10/2017
Sarcastic Dharma Society 6-24-16 Bacchanal 12
The Sarcastic Dharma Society Performing at the 12th Annual Summertime Bacchanal (6-24-16)
Daisy Deaths - Turn Turn Turn - 5-28-16
Daisy Deaths Performing at Turn! Turn! Turn! (5/28/16)
Laura Palmers Death Parate - The Dacha - 5-14-16
Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE Performing at The Dacha (5/15/16)
toads 4-14-16
The Toads Performing at Valentine’s (4/14/16)
mikah sykes 3-19-16
Mikah Sykes Performing at The Waypost (3/19/16)
bevelers 3-18-16
Bevelers Performing on the Penultimate Night of Their Residency at Al’s Den (3/18/16)
volcanic pinnacles 2-17-16.png
Volcanic Pinnacles Performing at The Panic Room (2/17/16)
DoublePlusGood Performing at Backspace (12/11/10)
Michael Hurley (Portland) Performing with Backing Band Ida (New York) at Mississippi Studios (10/24/10)
Aan Performing at the PDX Pop Now Festival (Summer of 2010)
Autistic Youth Performing at the PDX Pop Now Festival (Summer of 2010)
Ben Darwish performing at the PDX Pop Now Festival (Summer of 2010)